Aviation Wireless Centenary 20th June 2015 

Background: During the summer of 1915, the Marconi Company in conjunction with the Royal Flying Corps conducted experiments to devise some radio equipment to allow the crew of an aircraft to be able to talk to people on the ground.  Following several trials, during the week ending 26th June, for the first time anywhere in the world, a voice was heard on the ground at Brooklands airfield from an aircraft flying above.

Researching this has not been easy, because the fact that a normal pilot with no knowledge of Morse Code could report on enemy positions, was not something the authorities wanted to advertise to the enemy. The team involved in this work included a then 'Major' Hugh Dowding, who in later life many believe, saved these islands from a German invasion 

To commemorate the occasion on Saturday the 20th June 2015 we are restaging as close as is possible those historic events at the same location they happened one hundred years ago. That location is Brooklands and here are some of the events taking place on the day.

·   A reenactment of the events in June 1915 with an historic aircraft flying over Brooklands with a radio link from air to ground to repeat those famous words.

·      A series of talks (including one by Dr Elizabeth Bruton) covering the development of radio apparatus during the early 20th century and other historic subjects.


·      Radio Station on-the-air: the Museum’s own Amateur Radio Station using the special callsign GB1BM will be active on the short wave bands.


·     Special exhibits of historic radio equipment: in addition to the Museum’s many items of early aircraft radio equipment, there will be additional displays of radio equipment  dating from the WWl era specially provided for the Event.

Talks will commence at noon with the ground to air reenactment happening around 3pm. There is no extra charge to enter the Museum for this event and all the talks are free.



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