Below are the major dates in the Brooklands Wireless Timeline



Brief Details

1897 (summer) Two way Morse transmission from a military balloon took place in Berlin over a distance of some 13 miles or 21 Kilometers  
1899 (July) The first UK recorded use of wireless in aviation was a demonstration by the Marconi company to the Army authorities at Aldershot
1910 (27th Aug) First air-to-ground (morse) transmission in USA
1910 (27th Sept) First air-to-ground (morse) transmission in UK (Salisbury Plain)
1911 (September) Trials of airborne wireless begun at Brooklands Aviation Ground using a Flanders monoplane with a Marconi timed spark transmitter operating from a 6volt battery
1912 (9th May) World’s first successful two-way radio transmissions (using Morse code) made by Radio operator Mathieu with a Marconi receiver fitted in a Green-engined Flanders F3 monoplane flying over Brooklands
1912 (13th May) Fatal crash of the above aircraft ne killing airborne wireless pioneer/pilot E V B Fisher and passenger Victor
1913 (January) Brooklands Automobile Racing Club  grants 3 year Lease on no.7 shed to the Royal Flying Corps
1914 (August) Royal Flying Corps took over Marconi experimental establishment at Brooklands headed by R D Bangay
1915 (1st April) Major increase in size of wireless training school  at Brooklands by Major C E Prince & Major H C T Dowding
1915 (April) Capt. J.M. Furnival hears the first voice transmission from ground to air (although in his unpublished book he says April 1916)
1915 (Around 20th June)  First air-to-ground voice transmission at Brooklands over about 20miles (Note the 1912 two way air to ground first shown above was by morse)
1915 (End) Marconi started manufacture of airborne Morse and Voice transmitter weighing 20pounds
1916 First transmitter tests using valves for air-to-sea transmissions
1916 (September) Wireless activities moved from Brooklands to Signals Experimental Establishment at Woolwich with some personnel going to Biggin Hill
1919 (14/15th June) Vickers Vimy crossed the Atlantic carrying Marconi wireless equipment and crewed by Alcock and Whitten Brown
1919 First civil aircraft wireless voice installation in a DH42 (G-EALU) using Marconi AD1/S
1921 (August) First private telephone call from Croydon airport to 'City of London' a Vickers Vimy G-EASI, made by Sir Samuel Instone using a Marconi AD2

Note – Direct Important Brooklands activities are shown in bold